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Frank Lara for Congress, 12th District

The following statement is reproduced from the campaign website of the candidate, who is responsible for its content.

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Frank Lara, is an activist, public school teacher, Mission District resident and candidate of the Party for Socialism and Liberation and Peace and Freedom Party for the 12th Congressional District of San Francisco. Frank has been very active in the struggle for justice, including the Occupy, anti-war, anti-police brutality and housing rights movements. He is running against establishment leader Nancy Pelosi on a socialist platform that speaks for the rights of all workers.

Among the demands of the Lara for Congress Campaign are:

  • End all evictions and foreclosures – Housing is a right!
  • Free public transit
  • Jobs for all
  • Raise the national minimum wage to $15/hour
  • Money for health care not warfare – health care is a right!
  • Stop the attacks on women’s rights
  • End environmental destruction
  • Full rights for immigrants and ammesty for all
  • An end to racist, anti-working class police brutality
  • Full equality for LGBTQ people
  • Free and quality education from pre-school to university
  • End the wars and bring the troops home
  • Tax the rich and make the banks pay
  • End NSA spying. Stop prosecuting whistle-blowers!
  • No to the TPP!

Unlike the two major corporate-backed parties, who run candidates that don’t represent the interest of the 99%, our candidate, Frank Lara, is a community organizer and activist involved in a wide range of issues. Being involved in the major social movements in the US, Frank has helped organize and lead marches and protests demanding the end to US wars to making the banks pay for the economic crisis. See this photo presentation to see all the political issues dealt by the Lara 4 Congress campaign.

Please visit FrankLara4Congress.org

Howard Johnson for Congress, 34th District

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Howard Johnson is an Immigrant Rights Attorney and a resident of the Pico Union neighborhood. He is active in Veterans for Peace and National Lawyers Guild.

As a Congressperson, Howard Johnson would drastically reduce the military budget to fund human needs: job creation, education, housing and healthcare. He supports real immigration reform with a path to citizenship, and single payer healthcare.

Write In Adam Shbeita for Congress, 44th District

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Adam Shbeita, a computer professional and a write-in candidate for 44th Congress where Janice Hahn is running unopposed. He is running on a platform of peace, job creation and healthcare for all.

  • Wars are eating up the budget for education & healthcare.
  • Dont talk about jobs only, we need jobs real jobs now.
  • Stop balancing the budget  at the expense of  working men and women.
  • Health care:  quality health care for all.
  • Immigration and human rights:Provide appropriate documentation and real opportunities for legalization.

See how to cast a write-in vote for Adam here.