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Voting for write-in candidates in Los Angeles County

The Peace and Freedom Party supports two write-in candidates in Los Angeles County — Adam Shbeita for Congress in the 44th District and Eric S. Moren for State Board of Equalization in the 3rd District. This article explains how to make sure that your write-in votes for Shbeita and Moren get counted in Los Angeles County. If you live in Ventura County or the small portion of the 3rd District that is in San Bernardino County, see this article instead.

Please see the illustration below. Click on the illustration to download a copy to print and take with you to the polls.

In the blanks underneath the heading “Write-in Ballot” on the long stub portion of the ballot, write both the name of the office and the candidate’s name. Then fold the stub over before returning your ballot to a pollworker. Do not detach the stub.

Make sure you spell the candidates’ names correctly. In the 44th Congressional District, write in “44th Congressional district, Adam Shbeita” and “3rd Board of Equalization district, Eric S. Moren”. Everywhere else in Los Angeles County, write in “3rd Board of Equalization district, Eric S. Moren”.

To vote for a write-in candidate on the audible ballot voting machines provided for voters with disabilities, please ask a pollworker for instructions.

Click on the image below to download the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) document. Print it and take it with you to the polls.

Click here for more information on marking your ballot in Los Angeles County.

Write In Adam Shbeita for Congress, 44th District

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Adam Shbeita, a computer professional and a write-in candidate for 44th Congress where Janice Hahn is running unopposed. He is running on a platform of peace, job creation and healthcare for all.

  • Wars are eating up the budget for education & healthcare.
  • Dont talk about jobs only, we need jobs real jobs now.
  • Stop balancing the budget  at the expense of  working men and women.
  • Health care:  quality health care for all.
  • Immigration and human rights:Provide appropriate documentation and real opportunities for legalization.

See how to cast a write-in vote for Adam here.

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