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Amos Johnson for Lieutenant Governor

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My name is Amos Johnson, a student taking some time off from school to run for Lieutenant Governor. One of my main reasons for running is to reduce the spiraling cost of college education and to get banks to cancel student debt. My platform is as follows:

  • Education
  • Jobs
  • Health care

Education: As Lieutenant Governor, I will work on ways to cancel student loan debt. Young people should not have their futures held hostage by banks. California’s education system used to be number one in the nation. Now we hover around number 47. College Education used to be free in California and it can be again if corporations and billionaires pay their fair share. In 2012 I worked with “Rescue Education California” a grassroots organization that created a ballot initiative for an oil severance tax to benefit education. We need more efforts like that to restore quality education provide opportunity for all California students.

Jobs: As Lieutenant Governor I will work with groups that are organizing for a living wage for all workers. I will work with environmental groups and peace groups to enact laws that will create good living wage jobs with green and peaceful technology.

Health care: I propose that the only road to fully attend to all individual medical needs must be “single payer”. The single payer system provides more healthcare with less money spent on bureaucracy. The single payer system works in nearly every other industrialized nation in the world. Certainly, in California, the eighth largest economy in the world, it can work here.


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