Where are the Statewide candidates?

We are not recommending a vote for any of the statewide candidates, including Governor.

This November’s election for Governor and other state officers does not offer any options for working-class people. Under the new “top two” rules of Prop 14, the electoral system, which has always been dominated by the people with the most money, has gotten worse .You will not be able to vote for Peace and Freedom, Green, or Libertarian candidates, or even cast a write-in vote.

The Peace and Freedom Party is working to overturn the anti-democratic Proposition 14. Passed in 2010, it allows voters to choose a candidate from any party (or no party) in the primary election. But only the top-two vote-getters , usually the ones with the most in their campaign coffers, advance to the November election. We end up with only the candidates of the wealthy and big business, and no choice for working class people.

We urge you to go to the polls and vote for the issues and candidates that you believe in. In Los Angeles, our Peace and Freedom candidate for Congress, Adam Shbeita, won a spot on the ballot through the write-in process against the otherwise unchallenged incumbent. Write-ins are allowed in the primary, but are not an option in the November top-two elections.

And of course, it is is important to vote on the statewide propositions and on local ballot measures.

You can help us fight this travesty. You can donate to our legal suit to overturn Proposition 14. You can connect with others to spread the word. And you can register in the Peace and Freedom Party to help us remain ballot-qualified as we work to change the system.