Local Propositions and Candidates

County Central Committees in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco and Santa Cruz counties have positions on a variety of ballot measures and candidates.

Alameda County

The Alameda County Central Committee has endorsed the following positions and candidates.

County Government

  • NO on Proposition BB – transportation tax


  • NO on Proposition D – tax on sugar-sweetened beverages
  • YES on Proposition F – tax for parks and playgrounds
  • YES on Proposition P – eliminate corporate personhood
  • YES on Proposition R – Green downtown
  • NO on Proposition S – Referendum on redistricting
  • YES on Proposition Q – Working hours: part time scheduling requests


For Mayor of Oakland:

Oakland city propositions

  • NO on Proposition DD – water and parks
  • YES on Proposition FF – minimum wage

Contra Costa County

The Contra Costa County Central Committee endorses these candidates for Richmond City Council:

San Francisco

The San Francisco Peace and Freedom Party County Central Committee recommends that San Francisco residents vote as follows on city and county ballot measures. Click here for details.

  • NO on Proposition A – Transportation Funding
  • YES on Proposition B – Adjusting transportation funding for Population Growth
  • YES on Proposition C – Children’s Fund Reauthorization
  • YES on Proposition D – Retiree Health Benefits
  • YES on Proposition E – Soda Tax
  • YES on Proposition F – Pier 70 Development
  • YES on Proposition G – Anti-Speculation Tax
  • YES on Proposition H – Beach Chalet Soccer Renovation
  • NO on Prop I – Renovation of Fields
  • YES on Proposition J – Minimum Wage increase
  • NO on Proposition K – Housing Policy Statement
  • NO on Proposition L – Pro-Car Policy Statement

Santa Cruz County

The Peace & Freedom Party refuses to endorse partisan candidates of the Republican and Democratic Parties in the General Election. Because of campaign financing, they are the only ones to be able to make it through the primary election given that only the the top two candidates are allowed to proceed to the General Election.

However, we do endorse candidates for non-partisan office and ballot measures. Here are the local endorsements of the Santa Cruz County Central Committee.

Santa Cruz City Council

Soquel Creek Water District

Santa Cruz School District Trustee Area 2


  • NO on Measure K – Santa Cruz County tax on medical marijuana
  • NO on Measure L – City of Santa Cruz tax on medical marijuana