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June Results Now Final – Adam Shbeita Advances

Final results of the June 3 statewide election are now available from the Secretary of State. Here are the results for the candidates and measures endorsed by the Peace and Freedom Party.

In the 44th Congressional District, Peace and Freedom Party write in candidate Adam Shbeita advanced to the November election against incumbent Democrat Janice Hahn.

  • Cindy L. Sheehan (Peace and Freedom) for Governor – 52,707 (1.2%), ranked 7th of 15
  • Amos Johnson (Peace and Freedom) for Lieutenant Governor – 39,675 (0.9%), ranked 8th of 8
  • Laura Wells (Green) for Controller – 231,352 (5.7%), ranked 5th of 6
  • Ellen H. Brown (Green) for Treasurer – 270,388 (6.6%), ranked 3rd of 3rd
  • Nathalie Hrizi (Peace and Freedom) for Insurance Commissioner – 212,991 (5.4%), ranked 3rd of 3
  • WRITE IN Eric S. Moren (Peace and Freedom) for Board of Equalization, 3rd District – 134, ranked 4th of 5 (see note below)
  • Frank Lara (Peace and Freedom) for Congress, 12th District – 2,107 (1.9%), ranked 5th of 8
  • Howard Johnson (Peace and Freedom) for Congress, 34th District – 3,587 (11.6%), ranked 3rd of 3
  • WRITE IN Adam Shbeita (Peace and Freedom) for Congress, 44th District – 5, ranked 2nd of 2
  • Eugene E. Ruyle (Peace and Freedom) for Assembly, 15th District – 2,426 (3.5%), ranked 7th of 8
  • Yes on Proposition 42 (public records and open meetings) — passed with 61.8% of the vote

Note: the total number of write-in votes for Eric Moren does not include the very small part of San Bernardino County that is in the 3rd Board of Equalization district.

Why Vote Peace and Freedom?

Sick of Republicans who are clueless? Tired of Democrats selling you out? There is an alternative! That alternative is the Peace and Freedom Party.

We fight for the things all working people need: free education, from pre-school through university; an end to U.S. intervention throughout the world; free health care for all, such as enjoyed by workers in every other industrialized nation in the world; full employment at union wages, with generous paid vacation and other benefits. Workers, both documented and undocumented, have the right to organize, safe working conditions, and paid sick leave. We can pay for these things if the rich are taxed at rates they can well afford.

These are not just planks in our platform, these are issues Peace and Freedom candidates and members work for. The many problems facing the working class concern us because we are a part of that class. We know we can’t get what we need just by voting for it, so we participate in mass organization and direct action as part of the labor, anti-war, civil rights, and other movements, and now the Occupy movement. But we also know we can’t get what we need unless we also vote for it—and that’s why we need an electoral party rooted in and responsible to the movement.

Beyond these specific issues and movements, we understand the underlying reason why we have to keep struggling for the things we need is the ownership of the world and the conditions of our labor by a very few, very wealthy people—capitalism. To win any of these struggles finally and for good, we need to replace capitalism with a working-class democracy in which production is planned to meet human needs—socialism.